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Shelter Film, a New York-based independent film company dedicated to changing the narrative in front of and behind the camera by creating films by and about womxn and BIPOC, founded by Julia Campanelli.

Shelter's inaugural film “116”, which Julia wrote, directed, and produced, has won 27 awards and screened in over 50 festivals world-wide.

Julia’s screenplay “The Paisley Witch Trial” in feature and pilot versions, is a Finalist in Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition, is short-listed by The Black List, #1 on The Red List 2020, and has won 10 Best Screenplay awards.

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THE PAISLEY WITCH TRIAL explores the legacy of witch trials and slavery. Due to the depth of the female characters and the period setting, it is easy to see actors seeing this as a prestige film. R-rated prestige horror films have been among the most profitable films in recent years and it is easy to see The Paisley Witch Trial receiving similar reception in theaters and possibly being distributed by a major studio like Warner Brothers or Sony”.
Bondit Media
An incredibly solid mashup between HORROR and MYSTERY. THE PAISLEY WITCH TRIAL exhibits an all-encompassing, palpable atmosphere of DREAD from a tonal perspective recalling films like THE WITCH and THE EXORCIST. The setting and time period are evocative and haunting but combine with the subject matter to create a moody, suffocating atmosphere reflective of the wild unpredictability of religious fervor. The setting is vivid, the dialogue is outstanding, and the character work is strong.
The Black List
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